Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We've spent the last week working our way up from Moab, UT, through western Colorado and eastern Utah and finally into Wyoming. We visited Dinosaur National Monument, which is an amazing museum built over the side of a hill with an amazing accumulation of partly excavated dinosaur bones still in place. Lots of fossils were removed from here in the early 1900's and sent to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, but what remains is really impressive.

Along the way we had to go over the Douglas Pass, a narrow, twisty, bumpy, hairpin filled road. The speed limit dropped to 15 mph, and it was hard to go even that fast, especially when it started snowing/sleeting near the summit at 8268 feet.

Finally we got to Wyoming. We drove some scenic roads over high, gently rolling plains of sagebrush, with views of even higher snow covered mountains around. We saw lots of pronghorn antelope, a herd of wild horses (and occasional herds of cattle). Tomorrow we are heading into Yellowstone! I'll be away from internet access for at least a week, hope to be back after that with some more photos.

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