Friday, May 29, 2015


No, I didn't invent that word, I read it in a novel by Craig Johnson set in this area. But it fits. This is what we woke up to the third morning in Yellowstone (May 16, almost 2 weeks ago) - 6 inches at the campground and still coming down. There was less elsewhere. The daytime temps got up into the upper 40's or 50's, so not too bad to be out in. We deliberately came early in the season to miss the worst crowds, and are glad we did. One steep hike did climb up into heavy snow over slush and mud, pretty slippery and grueling, but we were rewarded with great views and a geyser basin all to ourselves.

Finally, yesterday, May 28, we were driving out of the park for a day of shopping and laundry in Cody, WY, when we came to a "Road Closed" barricade. Dunraven Pass, at over 8800 feet high, was closed because of blowing snow and heavy drifts. We had to take a two hour detour through unpaved, one-way construction zones to get out of the park. As we got into the eastern end of the park which is at higher elevation, there was quite a lot of new snow on the ground, but the roads were clear.

A hot spring in the snow - it has melted the snow right around it.

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  1. Awesome pics, as per usual! I am living vicariously through the adventure.